Sermon Series

The Brightside

It is so easy to look at the glass as half empty. But for many of us, we need to start looking at the glass as half full. Even in the midst of chaos and disruption, there really is a Brightside.

The Brightside takes you on a journey to explore characteristics the Bible says we should display: gratefulness, encouragement, confidence, and being optimistic. Are you ready to start looking at The Brightside?

This Sermon Series includes:

  • Seven weeks of messages from Pastor Shawn

  • Discussion Guide for all 7 weeks

One Month To Live

How would you live your life differently if you only had one month to live? Would you love more passionately? Would you be more adventurous? Would you be more forgiving? You can start living differently now so you can leave a lasting legacy.

This Sermon Series includes:

  • Four weeks of messages from Pastor Shawn
  • Discussion Guide for all 4 weeks

We Can Do Better

As Jesus people we have a very clear directive. Unfortunately, we also have a very clear disconnect. Inside the Bible there is a mandate that is simple, yet so difficult for us to grasp. “Love your neighbor as yourself. Love all people.” God wants us to love people the way He loves people. Why is that so hard to do? We can do better.

This Sermon Series includes:

  • Six weeks of messages from Pastor Shawn
  • Five Group Session Videos (Week 2-6)
  • Discussion Guide for all 6 weeks


This study is rooted in Pastor Shawn’s sermon series called “Mutter,” where he introduced the concept that the Bible is Jewish meditative literature. This Sermon Series is designed to take you deeper into exploring the story of the Bible. Scripture was meant to be constantly talked about, constantly muttered. That is – to mutter it to yourself. Set scripture in the center and focus on what it means to you and then together, we will determine what it meant to God. 

How does this group work? Each week your group will watch the full message (on your own or as a group). There are discussion questions for each week to help you talk through what you watched. When you meet with your group each week, watch the Group Session Videos together. These short videos from Pastor Shawn will introduce a new concept or question for you to think on all week until the next teaching where he gives the answer. 

This Sermon Series includes:

  •  Seven weeks of messages from Pastor Shawn
  •  Seven Group Session Videos
  •  Discussion Guide for all 7 weeks

Discussion Guides

Faith, Hope, Love

Sometimes there are things that happen to us that don’t make sense, things we don’t anticipate, things that are unplanned. Sometimes there are storms, sometimes there are challenges and sometimes things are placed in our life that are not planned to test how we will react. Even if things are unplanned for us, they are not unplanned for God. God remains the same and constant even when our life is a rollercoaster. Three things remain, Faith.Hope.Love. These are the things that will endure the test of time.

This Sermon Series includes:

  • Three weeks of messages from Pastor Shawn
  • Discussion Guide for all 3 weeks


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This Sermon Series includes:

  • Four weeks of messages from Pastor Shawn
  • Discussion Guide for all 4 weeks