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Cheery Conversations

Sometimes it feels like you’re lost in a seas of voices. You’re not the only one! Every Wednesday on Cheery Conversations, you’ll get to hear joyful conversations about the juiciest topics in today’s culture.

Chew On That!

A conversation recapping the current sermon series from Life Church Green Bay.

A Sonny Look At The Bible

Join Pastor Sonny Hennessy as she brings a new perspective to your Bible studies. — Follow and connect with Sonny Hennessy https://www.sonnyhennessy.com/

At Home With The Hennessys

Pastor Shawn has a lot to say. And so does Pastor Sonny! Why not listen in directly to their conversations, straight from their home?

The Whole Podcast

If you’re like a lot of people, you find yourself googling “how do I get better?”, trying to find answers on your own. We understand what you’re going through and how that makes you feel lost and stuck. But we believe that anyone can find wholeness… All you need is a path to get there.

A Pastor and a Rabbi walk into a cultural crisis.

Pastor Shawn Hennessy, Rabbi Matt Rosenberg, and Pastor Scott Eastman explore racism and the cultural divide found in American communities and churches in 2020. The name of George Floyd is just the latest in a long list of victims that have triggered protest, riots, unrest and counter-protests. Through the experiences of an Irish-American in a black Detroit neighborhood, a Jewish-Italian on Long Island, and a quintessential middle-class white man, this panel digs deeper into what’s different in 2020 than it was in 2014, 1992 or 1965. In addition, they discuss what the bible says about injustice and what should our reactions and actions be as dedicated Jesus/Yeshua-people.