Our Story

Life Church exists to bring the life-giving message of Jesus to people of the (920)…and beyond.

In 8 years Life Church grew from 145 people to 4,000 in physical weekly attendance. We grew so quickly, we were in 3 buildings in 4 years. In order to reach more people than could fit in an auditorium, we launched an online campus that grew to reach tens of thousands weekly. Life Church was named the 2nd fastest growing church in 2017. Shawn Hennessy, our Senior Pastor, is also with the Packers as their Chaplain.

When the Pandemic hit, Life Church’s online presence was already established so their pivot was quick to make their content as binge-worthy as Netflix. Their mission to reach people with the Life-Giving message of Jesus drove them to lean into the extra time awarded them to provide the best quality, most contextual Biblical teachings, worship and kids shows. They also added 7 podcasts and expanded Journey to Wholeness and Pocket Churches to point to Jesus and grow people around the world.

In 2018, we realized that we wanted a way to be present in the community more than just at Sunday morning services. We intentionally decided to invest and become a part of the business sector in the Green Bay area.

Thus, the Exchange Coffee, Mercantile & Eatery was born. Open Tuesday to Saturday, the Exchange is a life-giving, culture creating brand meant to reach the (920). The unique products and peaceful environment inspires through its simple elegance. Whether you’re in need of an incredible cup of coffee, a bubble waffle, gourmet crepe or salad, a thoughtful gift, or a haircut from the parlor, the Exchange is for our city.

The Exchange Coffee, Mercantile and Eatery believes in being life-giving, inspired, peaceful, and kind because you deserve a better (920) and we can build it together.

The Exchange Coffee, Mercantile and Eatery is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Life Church Green Bay, Inc. and all profits go toward its local and international ministries which bring the life-giving message of Jesus to the 920 and beyond.

 Any future plans to expand in business concepts or other cities are funded by private investors or partners from that local city and separate from Life Church Green Bay.

Our vision is that this model would inspire other cities to locally invest in their dirt, to bring life-giving experiences to more communities, If you are interested in bringing this concept to your area, please contact us HERE.