3rd Building in 3 Years

See How God Provided a Bigger Place!

Well Life Church, you never cease to amaze us!! You stepped up, showed up, spoke up and did it all in Love and Kindness. The result of us sharing the Life-Giving message of Jesus with our words and actions not only resulted in approval for re-zoning but also in Mayor Walsh saying, “In all my years as Mayor, I’ve never had a group of people on the opposing side of an issue be more kind; in emails, calls and letters and I even got a Christmas Card.”

Check out the news coverage!

Fox 11



Local 5

Green Bay Press-Gazette

At Life Church, we work toward these goals:

1. Everyone at Life Church being Jesus “with skin on” in their sphere of influence.

2. Everyone being discipled by a mentor & also discipling people not as far along on their Jesus Journey.

3. Everyone growing in their love for Jesus and for others and it being contagious in the (920).

Prayers we are believing for:

We will open a prevention & rescue homes in the (920) for girls rescued from human trafficking or at risk to be trafficked.