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September 20-27, 2019
$25 – 40

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Great Marriages Are Built

Marriage. Two people who have become one, two people alongside each other, laying a foundation, building a story. We are inviting every marriage, every couple to be a part of the MarriageLife Conference. A conference designed to build upon whatever foundation you have already started. To continue to build your marriage story. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating, getting married this year, been married for 1 year, 5 years, 20 or 40 years. This conference is for marriages who want to continue to build upon the foundation already started. Great marriages take time. Great marriages are work. Great marriages are intentional. Great marriages are built.



  • 6:30pm Log In

    Join us for a fun MarriageLife PreShow

  • 7:00 Main Session 1

    Main Session 1 – With Pastor Shawn & Pastor Sonny Hennessy

  • 7:30 Couples Activity

  • 7:50 Main Session 2

    Main Session 2 – “Real Marriage in Real Life” with Steve & Pastor Lori Englebert feat. Richard & Rhonda Chandler

  • 8:10 Couples Activity

  • 8:30 Main Session 3

    Main Session 3 – “MarriageLife Specialists Tell All”

  • 8:50 Bonus Content!

How to Access

The Marriage Life Conference will be LIVE on the Life Church Green Bay app on APPLE TV, AMAZON FIRE, and Roku.

As a part of your registration you will receive an access code and that you'll be able to access a section of the app 24 hours before the conference. If you don't have one of these devices please contact us below.

Need help?

In the meantime…

Want to connect with other couples and a community of people who are will walk with you on this journey of marriage? Join the MarraigeLife Facebook group!

This group is designed to help people build or build upon their great marriages through a variety of different avenues. As you visit, we realize your marriage is unique to you and you may not be at the same place as someone else.

You may be starting out, you may be married for a long time, somewhere in between, or you’re married for the second time. We also realize your marriage may be needing some help and you may have found yourself in a place you never expected to be.

Whatever stage of marriage you’re in, we all need encouragement, practical conversation and a minute to look at where we are at and what we need to adjust going forward. In this MarriageLife group, you’ll find resources to help you with all of that and more!

Join us here!

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