Life Groups: Your Way. Your Time. Your Pocket.

We have so many ways for you to connect, grow and find community. If you are looking for a Pocket, try Alpha, Journey To Wholeness or one of our Life Church sponsored groups. If you already have a Pocket, start your own group!

Resources For Your Own Group

Life Groups are now more important than ever and starting a group is easy! Just circle up your friends, family, neighbors or whoever you want to do a group with. You can lead a group your way, your time and with your Pocket! We even have materials and resources to help get you started!


1. Fill out the form and click Submit. You will get weekly emails with resources to help you successfully circle up your Pocket.

2. Choose a Sermon Series. We have several Sermon Series with pre-made discussion questions for your group. Just click on the Sermon Series button above and decide which one you want to try!

3. Pick a date, time, place or go virtual. Then, invite your friends a family.

It’s this Easy…

Fill out this form and get helpful tips for the first 5 weeks of your group!