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What is the program length?

Successful completion of the 18-36 month program leads to a Leadership Certification.

 Who will I be learning from?

You will spend time with our pastors, staff members and other qualified leaders.

Am I too young (or too old)?

We welcome all ages to apply. The Chaplaincy and Counseling tracks may be most advantageous for adults well into other careers. (We do not license counselors.)

Will I receive a Seminary degree?

You will take theology courses required for a seminary degree and recognized by Life Church as requirements for credentialing. You will not receive a Bachelors or Masters degree.

Do I need experience working at a church?

No. Having experience working in another ministry may be a benefit to you, but is not a requirement. We will have each student work hands-on in one or more department each Sunday and/or Wednesday on a ministry team.

Can I work while in the program?

Classes are only at night, and accelerated–this program is designed with those working full-time in mind.

Will my spouse be included in the program?

We desire that you and your spouse participate in this experience together. Therefore, your spouse is invited but not required to be part of the experience.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact Sherri Baierl.

Is there an application deadline?

August 1st is the deadline for applications.

Is there an application fee?

Yes! Please submit applications with a nonrefundable $25 application fee.