What is the program length?

Successful completion of 1 year of the program leads to certification. Successful completion of 2 years of the program can lead to credentials.

 Who will I be learning from?

You will spend time with our pastors, staff members and other qualified leaders.

Am I too young (or too old)?

We welcome all ages to apply. The Chaplaincy and Counseling tracks may be most advantageous for adults well into other careers. (We do not license counselors.)

Will I receive a Seminary degree?

You will take theology courses required for a seminary degree and recognized by Life Church as requirements for credentialing. You will not receive a Bachelors or Masters degree.

Do I need experience working at a church?

No. Having experience working in another ministry may be a benefit to you, but is not a requirement. We will have each student work hands-on in one or more departments during the apprenticeship.

Can I work while in the program?

If full time ministry and credentials are your goal, we recommend you set aside plenty of time for the year to fully immerse yourself in the program without other outside obligations. We can provide work study to apprentices to offset tuition expenses. Classes are only at night, and accelerated–this program is designed with those working full-time in mind and working full-time while earning credentials is possible.

Will my spouse be included in the program?

We desire that you and your spouse participate in this experience together. Therefore, your spouse is invited but not required to be part of the experience.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact Sherri Baierl.

Is there an application deadline?

August 1st is the deadline for applications for Track 1, Certificate in Minsitry. This is subject to change without notice.

May I just take classes?

Yes! You may opt for the Academic Only Track, where you would not be on track for certificate or for credential but would participate in the classes. Then you do not get placed in an Area. OR you can Audit and forgo grading as well. We do not reduce the fee.

Is there an application fee?

Yes! Please submit applications with a nonrefundable $25 application fee.

  • 50% of your time is spent in academic study.
  • 50% of your time is spent in your department.


• Entry Interview
• Short term, apprenticeship in a
ministry area
• Orientation
Classes that are in 1st year track:
• Emotionally Healthy Inner and Outer Life
• Survey of the Old Testament
• Survey of the New Testament
• Leadership Development (Personal Life of Leader and Development of Ministers)
• The Holy Spirit
• and electives (not listed)
• Christian History
• Survey of Major Religions
• Prayer & Fasting


• Credential Path Interview by Invitation
• Long term, apprenticeship in ministry area
Classes that are in 2nd year track:
• Systematic Theology I
• Systematic Theology II
• Marriage and Family
• Apologetics
• Exegetical Bible Study
• Eschatology
• Bible Sermon Preparation & Presentation
• Pastoral Leadership
• Expository Preaching
• Hermeneutics
• and electives (not listed)
Independent work with coaching:
• Ministry Resume & Portfolio
• Exit Interview Prep

Areas of Apprenticeship and Work Study

Planning and executing events

  • Managing data
  • Administrative work with systems and HR management
  • Provide support to office systems including front desk, staff facilities

Community Outreach

  • Plan and coordinate local community outreach events
  • Work alongside Outreach Partners & volunteers
  • Assist with identifying opportunities to serve
  • Logistical planning of missions and service projects

Life Kids (6 wks to 5th grade)

  • Serve in 252 or Adventureland each weekend
  • Coordinate, inventory and purchase weekly supplies
  • Assist with take home parent communication
  • Assist with Social Media

Catalyst Students (middle & high school)

  • Plan & coordinate student events for Wednesdays
  • Identify & recruit students to participate in internship
  • Assist in planning the Student Summer events
  • Maintain database of leaders & students
  • Assist with Social Media

Life Groups (Classes and Bible Studies)

  • Maintain database of Life Group Leaders
  • Planning and scheduling Life Group communication
  • Catalog production and distribution

Welcome Center and New Guest Services

  • Assist with all Welcome Center responsibilities
  • Maintain relationships with volunteer leaders & teams
  • Coordinate logistics for supplies & resources
  • Assist with implementing & improving processes

Production Team

  • Work with production volunteers and employees
  • Work with Online campus pastor
  • Assist with back-stage production
  • Research materials for creative elements
  • Assist the service producer for each Worship Experience

Creative Team Assistant

  • Research creative elements used for the Worship Experience
  • Logistical planning for creative elements
  • Manage deadlines for projects

Video/Film Team

  • Assist with managing and scheduling of video shoots
  • Coordinate set up for video shoots
  • Present ideas, participate in brain storming sessions
  • Help identify talent & locations for video shoots
  • Edit and post footage

Audio Engineer

  • Record audio for special engagements & meetings
  • Record audio for video shoots
  • Mixing & recording voice-overs
  • Assist Sr. Engineer with special projects, weddings, events

AVL Tech

  • Assist with technical AV aspects each weekend
  • Assist with upgrades, repairs & installs
  • Assist Technical Director with special projects

IT Support

  • Network and server assistance
  • Problem solve IT issues
  • Database management

Motion Graphics

  • Design motion graphics for Worship Experience
  • Design motion graphics based on project requests
  • Manage project deadlines
  • Development and training from Sr. Designer

Graphic Design

  • Design graphic materials for Worship Experience
  • Design graphic materials for events
  • Design for other various

Digital Design Team

  • Design marketing campaigns and emails
  • Enhance and contribute to building the Life Church app
  • Assist in web design for Life Church websites


  • Each weekend capturing the experience on camera
  • Photograph special events & community outreach events
  • Editing and posting
  • Maintain & organize photo library and archive

Facilities Management

  • Work order management and logistics
  • Perform maintenance
  • Assist with facility and set up needs