We are all writing a legacy. Let’s have Jesus written all over it!

To the Gurls of the 920

I had a stirring in my gut, a burning in my heart, a restlessness to hear and understand what God was trying to tell me. It was November 2014.

I knew he wanted me to reach out more to women, but to a specific group of women I thought. Maybe my other Pastor friends…maybe to my staff girls, I did both and it wasn’t the complete picture. I reached out to the women in other Church leadership around the (920) and after a brunch we hosted, I knew I was still missing the mark.

Then God made it very clear in January 2015, YOUR Ladies Sonny! All of them! All the females in the (920) that I knew at that point. But still, how God? In what format?

I’m so grateful I got to bite it off a little at a time, in baby steps, first with 3 friends, then with 7 of my staff girls, then with dozens of lady leaders at Life Church, 100’s at women’s services we did, but now God is very clear…. GURLS Of the (920) is the voice for the thousands and thousands all over the (920). Those who don’t even know Jesus yet.

We ARE the GURLS of the 920 and we all have influence in someone’s life! Let’s do this! Let’s write a Jesus legacy!

-Pastor Sonny


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Our mission at life church is to bring the life-giving message of Jesus to the people of the 920…& beyond. As GURLS of the 920, our job is to give life and then leave a legacy with Jesus written all over it.


We are all writing a legacy. Will that legacy be one written by God or will we have regrets at the end of our days. Let’s have Jesus written all over it!


Mother Theresa said, “We are but a small pencil in the hand of a writing God”. Let’s respond to what Jesus is asking of us so that we leave a legacy with Jesus love and joy written all over it.


It can mean:
inheritance, heritage, endowment, gift, birthright;
“a legacy from an aunt”

a thing handed down by a predecessor.

Or it could mean.
“the legacy of centuries of neglect”

Other synomons : consequence, effect, spin-off, repercussion, aftermath, by-product, result”