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Gifts of Marketable Securities (Stocks – Mutual Funds)

Transferring a gift of long-term appreciated stocks, those owned for more than one year, can provide significant tax advantages by allowing you to deduct the fair market value while paying no capital gain tax.  Today, most stock transfers are easily made electronically from your broker account to the Life Church Green Bay, Inc. account. We highly recommend you seek the guidance of a professional financial planner/advisor, attorney or accountant to determine the arrangements that best serve your financial needs and philanthropic goals.

Please email BECKY@LIFECHURCHGB.COM if you would like to make a stock donation. Whether you are electronically transferring stock, mailing a stock certificate or giving a mutual fund gift, please notify us.  Knowledge of your gift allows us to track its progress, assign your gift correctly and provide you with an acknowledgement letter for your tax records.

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