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With technology, this team exists to point people to Jesus by creating an exciting and inspiring atmosphere. No experience is necessary as training will be provided. 

Lighting Operator – With a touch of a button, lighting volunteers launch the different cues of lighting for each moment of service. With everything prepared ahead of time, the lighting operator simply ensures that the correct setting or “cue” is launched at precisely the right time to help convey the message of each moment during a service.

Cameras/Video Director – Have you ever been interested in how live broadcast works? Do you feel like you have a creative eye for story-telling? Join the camera team and have your inner creativity channel into our Sunday Service!

Service Producer – The service producer has eyes on the full experience of a Sunday morning and helps to communicate the order of service with our camera team, video director and lighting operator.

Media Operators – Our media operators are a crucial part of our services. In this position you are responsible for putting the lyrics on the screen! As well as playing any videos or slides that need to be shown on the main screen as well as the screen for the worship team on the platform. Everything is all set up and ready for you to ‘click through’ during service.

Stage Manager – As a stage manager, you are responsible for managing the stage! Replacing microphone batteries, testing mics and making sure you’re available and aware of anything needed on the stage during a service. This also includes putting the podium on stage for the speaker.

Switcher – To put it simply, this person is responsible for putting the live camera feed on the screens and does so according to what the director is ‘calling’.



This humble team is all about using musical gifts to point people to Jesus. No stress evaluations are required with one of our worship leaders to find the best fit for you on this team.

Female Vocals

Male Vocals


Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar



Coffee House

This team is a church favorite! Our coffee house proudly serves the Exchange brand coffee from brewed to lattes to cold blended drinks.   


Free Coffee Bar Serving on the Free Coffee Bar team is easy and requires no experience.  

Barista We train for The Exchange Coffeehouse so each barista feels comfortable & skilled to serve on a volunteer basis on Sunday mornings in a high pace area.


First Impressions

This friendly team loves people and makes them feel at home here at Life Church. 


Usher – This team prepares people for a positive worship experience by welcoming and assisting them to a seat and maintaining a distraction-free environment.

Greeter – This team welcomes guests with a smile, a high five and a personal touch so that hearts are open to the Jesus message. 

Welcome Center – This team connects people to Life Church with sign ups for Growth Track & events as well as resources for counseling, marriage coaching, baby dedications, baptism, Bibles & much more!

Weekday Chair Reset – This team prepares the main auditorium for Sundays. From folding to cutting papers and then placing on chairs and refilling the backs of chairs, we do it all during office hours or Wednesday nights during the week. Life Church office hours are Mon.-Thurs. 9am-5pm.  




Kids team is making a big deal about kids because kids are a big deal. It’s about helping the next generation grow in their faith. It’s encouraging kids to explore God’s word in a fun way. Kids team is mentoring kids as they begin their Jesus journey.

Small Group Leader (ages Kindergarten – 5th Grade) – Group leaders help keep kids engaged and focused on the lesson they are learning in class. Training will be provided so you can confidently lead a small group of kids during our Sunday service time.

Teacher (ages 6 weeks – 5 year olds) – Curriculum and training will be provided so you can confidently lead a small group of kids during our Sunday service time.

Kids Check In – This team helps parents/families check their kids into their classes.

Kids Welcome Team – This team greets each parent and family with a smile and helps direct them to the appropriate place to get their kids involved in our Kids program.

Kids Game Team – Wanna help kids have tons of fun and play games! This is the team for you! Help lead games during our Sunday service time. You and the kids will have fun!



Catalyst (Student Ministry 6th-12th Grade)

Join the team that is building the next generation. We believe life is meant to be lived, & by showing students how to live, they can experience a real relationship with Jesus. The world can make things hard, we help students see it for what it is through relationship & discipleship. Simply we teach; Love Jesus, Love people.

Squad Leaders – Help lead a small group of students. Each group is based on grade level (i.e.,Middle School guys, High School girls, etc.) You will be  teamed up in pairs to lead each Squad. Adult volunteers only. 

Media/Lighting – Be a part of a team that helps bring  service to life through technology. No experience necessary, training provided. Student volunteers welcome!

Worship Team – This team leads worship for our Catalyst nights.  If you have a ton of energy and a heart for students, this is the team for you. An evaluation will be required, no stress, we promise! Student volunteers welcome!


Life Group Leader

Life Groups help make our growing church feel small. Life Group Leaders facilitate small groups based on curriculum they choose. Our goal is for participants to feel connected to Jesus and Life Church outside of a Sunday and build relationships. Life groups run for 6 weeks, four times a year (winter, spring, summer, fall).



These 3 different teams work diligently behind the scenes to maintain an environment of excellence in every area of our church. The Security team serves on Sundays or Wednesdays & for large events to keep kids & adults safe & secure. The parking team helps people find spots & keep calm & safe on Sundays. The facility team builds & maintains our campus & seasonally takes care of the landscaping.


Marketing & Communications Volunteer

Marekting & Communications volunteers serve in a variety of media platforms: Editing, proofing, writing, and other forms of social media. Join us in spreading the life giving message of Jesus on numerous platforms.