Club 252 is for K-5th grade on Sunday mornings.

Life Church places HIGH value on kids and the next generation. We are super intentional about everything we do so we do everything we can to create environments and build a team of leaders who invest in the lives of kids to ultimately connect them to Jesus.


We believe it’s not an arcade – it’s a platform!

We believe it’s not a large room with a large stage, amazing lights and media – it’s an opportunity!

We believe it’s not babysitting – it’s discipleship!

We believe it’s not filling time – it’s influencing someone’s future!


We make a big deal about kids because Jesus made a big deals about kids. He thought they were a big deal. He said, “whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me” – now that’s a BIG DEAL! So we believe the Bible should never be boring, worship should be really loud and fun, and leaders should make a big deal about kids which is what happens every Sunday in Club 252!

Current Series:

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First, kids will be welcomed at the doors of an amazing arcade with a smile and a high five! We want them to be excited about church and to feel welcomed and nothing says that more than a high five! Once inside our doors, kids have access to a two-level arcade filled with vintage arcade games, carpetball, pinball, ping pong tables, video games and booths to hang out with their friends. It also won’t take them long to find a fully lined basketball court and larger-than-life playscape. The best part? All of it is free and available to them each week prior to service beginning. Sorry – no parents allowed – this is a kid (only) heaven!

Worship: Club 252 kicks off with action-packed worship that is hard to put words to. Kids will experience jumping, singing, lights and music that is designed to not only create energy and excitement, but also for kids to be excited about church!

Message: “What did you learn at church today?” This is the BIG question we encourage you to ask your child when they leave Club 252 every Sunday. We equip kids with the “Big Answer” to that question. We teach character-building principles each week through an interactive large group message. For more information on what your kid is learning in our current series, click the picture to your right!

Small Groups: Every kid needs someone who believes in God and who believes in them and that’s why small groups are so important to us. Each group breaks out by grade and gender. Small groups are the place where kids connect with a leader and other kids their age. They interact during this time by answering questions about the message, learning to use their Bible, discussing how to apply what they just learned to their week and praying together! We can’t make kids believe or force them to have deeper relationships, BUT we can create a place that makes it easier for them to belong and believe and that place is in small groups.



When you enter the lobby, look to your right and you will see signage that says, “new kids.” It’s is located underneath the large glass windows looking into the playscape. All new families register their kids here. We will guide you through the registration process and everything you need to know before entering Club 252. You are able to check-in your child 15 minutes prior to each service time.

During Service:

In the event that we need to contact you during the service, your child’s identification code (located on the security tag you receive at check-in) will appear on the screen in the auditorium. We ask that you exit the auditorium immediately and look for a staff member or volunteer who will direct you to your child’s room.


At check-in, every parent will receive a security ticket that matches their child(ren)’s name tag. This ticket needs to be presented in the pick up line to the staff member “calling” for your child. Please have this ticket ready before approaching the front of the line as it helps us to keep lines and wait time short. All children checked into children’s ministries on Sunday morning are to be picked up immediately following service.


We want every kid to bring a Bible to church every week! Bibles are used throughout our entire service. Club 252 uses the Kids NIV Adventure Bible. We have the NIV Adventure Bible available for purchase at the “new kids” counter. There are free Bibles at the Welcome Center located in our lobby that kids can use as well.

Gotta Gotta Know Cards:

When leaving Club 252, your child will receive a Gotta, Gotta Know Card. This card is a BIG DEAL because it contains the “The Big Three” (the Big Answer, Memory Verse, & Confession). Kids work to memorize and complete these cards weekly. Once completed, kids return the following week to “The Closet” where they can recite what they know and turn in completed work to receive points.

“The Closet”:

This is the place where kids love to shop. Your child has the opportunity to earn points to shop in The Closet by completing their Gotta, Gotta Know Card (GGKC), bringing their Bible to church and/or inviting a new friend. The Closet is stocked with anything and everything including disco balls, candy, nerf guns, candy, Bibles, candy, flarp putty, candy, lego sets, and did I say candy!?

Special Needs:

Prior to visiting Life Church and checking into the Life Kids area, please call the office at 920-632-4343 or contact us below regarding how we can best assist you. Our special needs director will work with you around a plan that works best for each child.

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