GRADES 6 – 12 | EVERY WEDNESDAY during school year @ 7PM | DOORS OPEN @ 6:30PM

Catalyst is our student ministry at Life Church which exists to reach students of the 920. At Catalyst…WE LOVE TEENS! We love teens so much that we’ve dedicated over half our building to creating the best possible environment for them. We’ve stocked their environment with a two-story arcade featuring a basketball court, sports lounge, over two dozen video & vintage arcade games, pool, ping pong, air hockey, and more! All of this is available to teens every Wednesday because we know the church can’t:

            Make students follow Jesus.

            Insist that students come every Wednesday.

            Force students to build relationships.

BUT the church can create environments where students actually want to be and where they know they belong. And when students feel like they belong, the truth matters and Jesus matters.

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You will hear the word “Squads” a lot around Catalyst! Squads are student small group’s and the heartbeat of Catalyst. Every student needs someone who believes in God and who believes in them.

In Squads, leaders and students “break down” the message and discuss in length the main point for the night. We don’t want students to just show up to Catalyst, we want them to attach. We don’t want students to just listen, we want them to talk, ask questions and grow!

Squads break out by gender and grade and are led by adult Squad Leaders.


Chow Down Connect (aka “PIZZA FEST!”) happens EVERY week at Catalyst. Chow Down Connect is FREE PIZZA and for every first time visitor (& their bringer – if they have one). We want every student who is at Catalyst for the first time to not only feel super welcomed but to have a chance to connect with some of our leaders while cheese is dripping off their chin! For students who attend every week, they can get in on the pizza action by bringing a new visitor with them. It’s a win-win!


We want students to invite their friends each Wednesday but Squads Wars is specifically designed as our outreach night. We know it’s sometimes intimidating to walk into church for the first time so we’ve created Squad Wars to be nothing but FUN in order to make the transition to Catalyst for a new comer as welcoming and easy as possible. These nights are all about games, hanging out, and competitions where Squads compete for the Gaberlunzie Trophy and most importantly, bragging rights that their Squad is the best!


We have an amazing Café which opens at 6:30 each Wednesday night. We serve a huge array of drinks (including juice, teas, and soda) and every kind of snack you could think of! Pricing varies from as little as $.25 to $1.50.

After a student’s first visit, we say “Thanks for coming!” by mailing them “Café Bucks” which they can use to purchase their favorite treat out of the Catalyst Café!


What time is Catalyst?

Our doors open at 6:30pm and we promptly end our service each Wednesday at 8:15pm.

How old do I have to be to attend?

Catalyst is for 6-12th graders.

Is there a cost to attend Catalyst?

There is NO cost to attend Catalyst! The only time your student will see a cost is if they would want to purchase food or drink from the Catalyst Cafe.

Do I have to register?

Pre-registration is not required to attend Catalyst. Each week, however,  students are asked to check-in when they arrive. If it is their first time, they will be asked to fill out a brief information card and will receive a free soda after doing so! All students receive a Catalyst wristband at check-in that is color coded to their Squad.



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