We have a place for every
6-12th grader to belong!

Catalyst is our student ministry at Life Church which exists to reach students of the 920. At Catalyst…WE LOVE TEENS! We’ve created environments that allow students to find their fit and to help grow them in their Jesus Journey. Students will find places where they can belong, ask questions, make new friends and also be who they are – a teenager. Finding where they fit and connecting with others their own age and great leaders is the heartbeat of Catalyst.

For times, dates, and locations of Catalyst environments for YOU…see our monthly schedule below!

For your weekly dose of Catalyst:

Catalyst's YouTube Channel
Every Wednesday, Catalyst releases a new video that is designed to get you thinking and to grow you in your Jesus journey. Watch at home, school, or at your favorite coffee shop. Watch alone, with your parents, or with your friends on any night of the week!

Current Schedule

YOUR Catalyst is waiting for you!

  • Summer Break!

    Catalyst is on Summer Break! Stay tuned for what is happening this summer!

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