Excellerate Green Bay’s mission is to help those in Foster Care who have seen some success lead well balanced, life-giving, and independent lives.


Upon completion of the first ten weeks, each member receives a laptop to aid and advance them in their studies.

Upon completion of the program, each member is eligible to receive the much needed gift of an automobile!

What Excellerate IS

Excellerate is a 20 week personal development program that focuses on five primary areas of growth: Professionalism, Financial Responsibility, Social Skills, Spiritual Growth, and Life Skills.Each student benefits from the life-giving class room setting and forms positive relationships with other students and faculty. Excellerate was developed to facilitate the training concepts of instruction, mentoring, and practical experience. Everything we do is built upon this foundation, and the five pillars of our program. Our students never walk through these educational challenges alone. Our coaches and educators develop relationships that are built on trust. We want our students to know we care about their lives, not merely a program of study. During the implementation of classroom instruction and relationship with their coach, each student is encouraged to set and accomplish personal goals that will promote the "wins" necessary to live successfully as an independent adult.

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What Excellerate IS NOT

A group home

A program that places students in foster homes

A substance abuse counseling or rehab facility

A trauma counseling program

A program for juvenile delinquents

For more information about Excellerate Green Bay or to get involved with the program, please email excellerate@lifechurchgb.com